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“Tucked away among the primeval folds of the eastern Himalayas it takes up little space on a map, even less on a globe, and I dare say that the larger part of our planet’s population knows nothing of its existence.” that is how Chris Bonington described Bhutan in his forward for the book ‘THE Thunder Dragon Kingdom ‘by Steven K. Berry published in 1988 fourteen years after Bhutan started tourism in the country. Opposite to it the larger part of our planet’s population knows that there is a small country called Bhutan in eastern Himalaya  between  two worlds giant nations China in the north and India in the south.

Bhutan gained more space in the international world when the fourth King of Bhutan abdicated the throne for his son in 2005, a deed that no King in the world did till date. The whole world came to know about a country called Bhutan when United Nations turned Bhutan’s philosophy of Gross national Happiness into International Happiness and declared 21st March as the International Happiness day.  Today many people around the world know about Bhutan but its rich culture and natural beauty still remains unexplored.


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